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As if your child's increased self-reliance, self-acceptance, improved problem-solving ability, cooperation, and emotional regulation weren't enough, Child-Centered Play Therapy is a conscious parenting intervention. Parents frequently comment what a rewarding and fulfilling mindful parent experience they get in the process..

   Bonus Reward!

Sweet Relief

When you're worn out from the worry and effort of living with a child or adolescent who behaves in ways that are defiant, angry, destructive, incessantly badgering or whiney, is withdrawn, bullies, lies, tantrums, acts impulsively, getting in trouble in school, or whole host of other challenging behaviors, it can be a gift to everyone's sanity to seek professional guidance for treatment and support.

Cultivate Stronger Bonds, Change Behavior & Boost Confidence through the
​Power of Play

for kids & caregivers

Play the Child's Way

For children preschool through early adolescence, play therapy can be an excellent way to help them find the right "words" to adequately express themselves and play at finding solutions to problems. Children with language delays have a lot to say too! Other targeted interventions I may use with children are art- and behaviorally-based to help the child develop healthier coping strategies. 

Parent Partner

For a monthly fee you may use a combination of professional parenting support services in the form of parent coaching, consultation, and/or therapy as needed. Choose from traditional face-to-face therapy sessions, email support (via secure portal only), telephone support, school observation, or an in-home consultation (subject to additional travel charges) or drop-in supervised play therapy session to reconnect with a loved one after a bad day. You pay for the equivalent of five hourly sessions to use how you choose during the month. ​

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